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manufacture and exporter of bone products and other agricultural manures of animal origin
Mridul Manure manufacture the best quality degreased crushed bone, bone grist, bone meal, MBM (Meat and Bone Meal or Poultry feed, Herbal Methionine for Poultry feed and other allied bone products made out of the healthy animal bones. The quality of our product is unmatched.

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MBM (Meat and Bone Meal): High Protein Meal

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Established in 1984 as the leading manufacture and exporter of bone products and other agricultural manures of animal origin., Mridul Manure Mills Pvt Ltd. has come a long way . We use healthy animal bones to produce high quality products that are famous worldwide for its remarkable results. We are reputed in the international market as one of the very few manufactures of premium quality degreased crushed bones, bone grist and bone meal etc. Our bone powder Sinews meal, Horn and Hoof meal is being widely used as organic manure in India. Our Steam sterlised sinews meal / 45% MBM (Meat and Bone Meal) is being widely used as poultry feed / Chicken Feed ingredient in India which is very useful for fast growth of Broilers.

Our production unit is registered with CAPEXIL for exporting SRM free Crushed bone to Global Market for production of edible and pharmacieutical gelatin.


We manufacture Crushed Bones from sun degreased Bones, Degreased crushed bones from slaughtered healthy animal bones, Bone Tallow, Bone Grist, Bone Fluff, Bone Meal, Bone Powder, Bone Dust, Horns Meal, Raw Crushed Hooves. We use fresh bovines bones generated during buffalo meat packing meant for exports to different countries for human consumption to manufacture degreased crushed bones to meet the custom specific requirement from across the globe for production of photographic, pharmaceutical and edible grade Gelatin. Other animal by products and Bone Products are also used as organic manure rich in phosphorus and nitrogen. Our bone powder for use as organic manure is very much popular with corporate buyers for marketing in Kerala Market.

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CRUSHED BONES:- Sizes 3/8", 5/8",3/4" Crushed Bone is the raw material for Ossein and Gelatin.
BONE GRIST:- Size 3/32" - 3/16" Bone Grist is the raw material for Bone Charcoal. Bone Charcoal is used for refining sugar syrup apart from being used as organic manure.
RAW BONE MEAL:- size 0-3/32" Nitrogen: 3% Min.
P2O5 :20% Min.
Size 0-2mm
Nitrogen: 3.5% Min.
P2O5 :19% Min.
STEAMED BONE MEAL size as per FCO Nitrogen: 2% Min.
P2O5 : 22% Min.
STEAMED HORN & HOOF MEAL:- Nitrogen:14% Min.
(Also used as raw material for fire fighting foam)

SINEWS MEAL / 45% MBM for Poultry feed

Size 0-6MM :-

Crude Protien : 45% Min.
Calcium : 9% Min.
Phosphorous : 4% Min
Oil/Fat : 6% Min
Nitrogen : 13.5% Min


The quality of our products is well established and that comes from the stringent quality standards followed by us. Bones are extracted from healthy animals slaughtered in a slaughtered house sanitized ambience for degreased crushed bones prerequisite of the gelatin industry to use SRM free degreased crushed bones. Our Manufacturing plant is registered with CAPEXIL for export to European countries.


Our products are quite famous in European countries, Japan and South American countries. We have made many new customers while retaining the old ones.

We source for you..
Mridul acts as a sourcing agent for organic manures, bone ash, dicalcium phosphate, poultry feed ingredients of animal orign.

We welcome any business query
At Mridul, we are all geared up to cater to all your requirements. Please send us any query or suggestion that you have in your minds. We assure that your comment/ order would be immediately dealt with.


Mridul Manure Mills (P) Ltd.
Contact Person : Mr. Pramod Goel (Director)
Address : 98, Hope Appartments, Sector -15, Part II, Gurgaon, Haryana - (INDIA)
Mobile No. : +91 9350843422
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Bhilwara office
Contact Person : Mridul Goel (Director)
Mobile No. : 9312071316
Address : 1 B 26 Chandra Shekhar Azad Nagar, Bhilwara (Raj)
E-mail :


( 5 Km from New Delhi Airport )

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