Crushed Bone

Please see the attachment to see the executive instruction for approval/ registration and monitoring of collection centers, collection centers cum bone mills, rendering plants, integrated slaughter house, Ossein and gelatine for export. Executive Instructions- CBOG

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India is declared as Negligible BSE risk country by OIE India has been declared as negligible BSE risk country of the OIE – World organization for animal health in its 78th Annual General Session of the World Assembly of the World Organization for Animal (OIE) held from 23 – 28th May 2010, OIE recognized India [...]

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Crushed Bones Crushed Bone are available in 2 sizes. 3/8″ and 5/8″. Most of the crushed bones are used for organic manure and also for manufacture of Gelatin. Gelatin is of 4 types. Pharmaceutical Gelatin Industrial Gelatin Edible Gelatin Photographic Gelatin We supply the best quality of Crushed bone from north india.

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