Bone Powder is a 100% pure and all-natural plant food that is high in phosphorous.

The three most important nutrients for plants are nitrogen, for green leaves; phosphorous, for healthy flowers and roots; and potash, for overall vigor and disease resistance. Bone powder is an excellent source of phosphorous and it is easy for gardeners to use. It is also the oldest form of phosphorous fertilizer. At one time farmers made their own bone powder by roasting the bones of livestock or soaking and fermenting them in water. Bone powder has long been used by farmers and home gardeners because it stimulates healthy root development.

The effects phosphorous has on plants that can be easily observed by gardeners are in vitality, the time of blossoming and maturity. Flowers will produce more colorful blooms. A phosphorous deficiency may stunt growth and delay the emergence of new shoots and flower development.

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