• Up to 60g / plant for trees, shrubs & roses
  • 70 – 135g/m2 applied evenly and worked into the top 50-70cm of soil in flower and vegetable gardens
  • This 50kg bag in enough to treat 1000 – 1500m2


Finely ground bone powder may provide quicker release than coarsely ground.

Phosphates do not easily pass through soil. So mixing the bone powder with the soil or putting it in the planting hole can help.

Bone powder is frequently used in preparing holes for blooming bulbs, for the phosphorus. It may help tomato plants prevent Blossom end rot. However, blossom end rot can happen even though sufficient calcium is present if watering is irregular. High phosphorus fertilizers are also useful for transplant root growth.

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  1. Imre Varga says:

    Dear Sirs
    I am looking for CALCINED BONE ASH 325 MESH and 40 MT monthly
    If you have this material pls revert to me aSAP

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