India is declared as Negligible BSE risk country by OIE

India has been declared as negligible BSE risk country of the OIE – World organization for animal health in its 78th Annual General Session of the World Assembly of the World Organization for Animal (OIE) held from 23 – 28th May 2010, OIE recognized India as having “Negligible BSE Risk” status.

India has become one of the 13 countries in the world who have been classified under ‘Negligible BSE risk’ category.

EC Regulation 2007/722/EC have amended EC Regulation 2001/999/EC to incorporate OIE categorization of BSE risk. Accordingly the definition of Specified Risk Material was amended and was made applicable only for animals of those countries and regions with ‘controlled BSE risk’ or ‘Undetermined BSE risk’ category.

Therefore, in India, the animal bone processing industry is no more required to remove Specified Risk Material (SRM) from cattle bones to be crushed for manufacture of Ossein and Gelatin or any other edible product.

Check the citation here at the official web site of OIE :

Complete EC regulation available at :

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